A nation’s qualitative progress can be judged from the health status of its people. The Fit India Movement (FIM) initiated by the Govt. of India aims at taking the nation on a path of fitness and wellness. It provides all a unique and exciting opportunity to work towards a healthier India. As part of the movement, HIM International School undertakes manifold programs and activities for promoting the health and wellness of its pupils and all other stakeholders.
Virtual activities for Fit India School programs 2021
HIMIS would unfold a verity of programs and activities for FIT 2021 from 20th September onward. The activities will be started from the last weeks November to be concluded during the month of December. The following activities have been planned to be conducted during the month of November, on the scheduled dates as mentioned below.
Aims and objectives
• To alter behavior from ‘passive screen time’ to ‘active field time’.
• Develop sports quotient among all the students
• To become aware of and to follow a healthy lifestyle.
• Regular physical activity and higher level of fitness enhancing self- esteem and confidence in the students.