Communication Laboratory

The Department has a modern Language Laboratory with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment to aid in imparting language skills. The Laboratory is effectively utilized by students and faculty members for various self-enhancement and soft skill development activities. Laboratory proves beneficial for those students who are poor in use of English language. Students from rural areas who are generally weak in English can have sufficient ear training in the language lab. It aims at confidence-building among students for interactions and presentations in English. The basic purpose of the lab is to provide students a platform to enhance English language skills, communication skills and to practice soft skills.

Computer Laboratory

HIM International has two Computer Laboratories in the school with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum.

In the modern era, the computer has become an integral part of human life. Techniques of using the computer are of utmost importance. A well-equipped computer lab is the nerve centre of computer education in the school to keep pace with the fast-changing IT scenario. They are exclusive and equipped with computers and accessories in tune with the latest technologies where computer education is provided to all the students. They receive computer training from well-qualified teachers.

This lab is well equipped with the latest computer systems for the students to discuss each and every aspect of basic computer system. It is used extensively by the students for learning of Foundation of Information Technology, MS-WORD, MS-EXCEL, MS-POWER POINT and MS-ACCESS.

Physics Laboratory

Our state-of-the-art Physics laboratory is equipped with modern equipments to help the students learn the concepts of Physics with experiments. It is designed to give practice of taking measurements, analyzing data and drawing inferences while the students experiment.

The lab is very well equipped with instruments, like- meter bridges, battery eliminators, potentiometers, Hooke’s apparatus, etc. One can also observe the resonance condition that so often proves attractive and interactive. The pin-boards on each wall are decorated with very suitable charts, maps, illustrations and quotes and at the same time various models, made by the students, are exhibited all around the lab. One just cannot resist loving both the lab and the subject as the aura of Physics seems to besiege the invader.

What makes its significance even stronger is the presence of the students and the teacher.

Chemistry Laboratory

At every stage in life, we are connected to different aspects of chemistry directly or indirectly. It encircles a variety of fields –agriculture, food, medicine, fertilizers, polymers, metals etc. Thus, knowledge of chemistry is useful in different aspects of human life.

Our chemistry lab is well equipped with chemicals and other apparatus to cater to the needs of all the students up to class 12. Students start using the chemistry lab from class 6 onwards. They show great enthusiasm for using chemicals and perform hands-on experiments. The lab has an excellent safety system with fire extinguishers and a shower cum eye washer equipment.

 The lab inculcates curiosity and inquisitiveness in students. It plays a very important role in developing a scientific temperament in our students.

Biology Laboratory

HIM International School, since the commencement, has always paid premium to innovation and technology. Our school boasts of a highly equipped and well-stocked biology laboratory. The idea is to enable hands-on learning by the students, “Learning by doing” being the motto of our bio lab.

 The laboratory provides the students with all sorts of facilities, ranging from specimens to innovative smart boards. The laboratory is quite spacious and is creatively decorated by the students. We have measuring devices, like analytical balance. Also, the laboratory has a variety of apparatus for physiological and ecological experiments, like water bath, oven and Digital PH Meter. We have fire extinguishers in case of an emergency. The laboratory is well supplied with chemicals and equipped abundantly with thermometers and other apparatus for students to carry out their experiments. Through experiments, students are able to gain firsthand knowledge and appreciate various concepts of biology.

Social Studies Laboratory

Environment plays a great role in imparting education. The atmosphere of social studies laboratory will help the students on the subject more. So the special room will affect the child psychologically and inspire him/her to study the subject more attentively.

In HIM International School we have models, samples, sketches, maps, globes and several pictures related to History, Geography and Civics topics. If the teacher moves all this material from one place to other it causes much inconvenience and it may get damaged in the process. Moreover, the laboratory is well ventilated and well lit.

                  We have models and samples of different types of rocks and minerals, solar system, globes, physical features of India, tectonic movements, volcanic eruption, the course of a river, physical, political and cultural maps of India and the World etc. In History, we have projects and models on Mughal empire, Harappan civilization-clothes, artefacts, jewels etc.

Maths Laboratory

In order to facilitate the children in comprehending certain abstract concepts and to transform this fundamental subject into an interesting learning experience; it is desirable that it should be brought to concrete operational level where children can check and verify the validity of the concept through activities. This is what we are doing through setting up the Maths Lab in the School.



Smart Classrooms

Our classrooms are spacious and well-ventilated with ample natural and artificial lighting. Ergonomically designed furniture, a combination of white boards, display boards, teaching aid displays and LCD projection equipment, facilitate the learning process.

To facilitate learning across the campus, a Wi-Fi system is installed and a dedicated Internet leased line with optical fibre network across the campus facilitates the use of laptops and other equipment.


Laboratories have been set up for students to get real-time experience in the science and social science lessons.
Computer Laboratories: HIM has a fully equipped air- conditioned computer lab. Large number of computers for students are interconnected through our Local Area Network to conduct classes. Both theoretical classes and practical classes are held.
Language Laboratory : It caters to Foreign and Indian Languages, with audio-visual equipment for pronunciation, listening skills, presentation skills and interactive language learning activity.

Library cum Resource Centre

HIM has a well-equipped Library, with an extensive range of reference books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, educational CDs, computer workstations, printer and photocopier.A computer aided referencing system enables students to rapidly locate books of their choice. As part of the focus on e-learning, students are encouraged to use the Internet and to access online international libraries for information.

Activity Centre

This one of its kind Activity Centre has facilities for diverse visual and performing arts. The performing arts wing is fully air conditioned and has excellent sound proof studios for different activities. The creative art wing housed numerous well lit art studios for painting, crafting, sculpturing etc.


Extra-Curricular Activities




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